The Ormus Experience - a journey into heart expansion

January 2, 2023

As a metaphysical teacher, guide and healer, I often explore and partake in various forms of healing for myself. Not just for the results but also to see how I can add to my life experience in general. I never recommend or suggest any kind of supplement unless I have taken it personally and can speak to that experience in how it helped me.

Every morning I practice meditation. I like to call it a practice because meditation is something you have to truly show up for and discover how it wants to be danced with. Sometimes it looks like movement in free-flowing yoga. Sometimes it's just quiet as I'm listening to what information is coming through. And other times it looks like a visit to the Akashic records or a shamanic journey.

One morning I decided to be quiet with a cup of ceremonial cacao to align my head and heart spaces. However drinking ceremonial cacao during morning meditation is quite "normal" for me so I thought I'd go a step further. I'd add a bit of ormus to my cacao. Before I get into what kind of ormus it was and where you can find some if you. want to crack your heart wide open in the best way possible, let's talk about what ormus actually is!

Ormus comes from the word Ormes, which is really an acronym (Orbitally Rearranged Mono-atomic Elements), means elements that are precious minerals such as gold silver, dead sea, etc that have been combined into an ultra absorbable mono-atomic form. Some of the benefits that exist around taking Ormus as a supplement are enhanced superconductivity of our cells, increased flow of biophotons which also amplifies our biomagnetic field.

So back to the meditation with my ceremonial cacao and ormus! I decided to try the I A-Rose Ormus from Kejiwa Alchemy.

I tried it once on its own to appreciate the delicate and slightly sweet flavor of the Sacred Valley Bulgarian Rose Damascena enhanced by the birch bark extract that is used as a natural sweetener. I put a spoonful into my Ora Cacao and stirred. Sitting down, holding the mug of steaming cacao to my heart I thanked the plant medicine and set the intention of being open to the vibrations and frequencies that wanted to come through for me today. Speaking my intentions into my cup so that my drink would be imprinted with these intentions, I breathed over the cacao and then took a sip.

I was not prepared for what happened next.

"Love waits for no one." That came through loud and clear. I was startled but curious and asked how do you mean? The energy from the ormus and the cacao continued to speak, showing me that the relationships I was putting my Self on hold for were NOT worthy of the time, energy and care I was feeding them. It was time to let love lead the way and that meant letting go of the dead weight that was holding me back in the form of maybes, some day and other forms of vague connections.

I burst into tears. My heart felt like it had been cracked wide open and all of the ways I had been looking to the past to try and create a future were washed away in the ocean of emotion that flowed through me. I understood what I had to do and surprisingly, I felt ready for it. It was like a spontaneous heart healing happened in an area of my being I unconsciously aware of.

If you're into metaphysical wellness and looking for ways to both nourish your body while physically expanding your energetic possibilities I highly recommend trying ormus. There are many brands out there so it's important to go with one that is quality and uses a process that stands the test of integrity.

To learn more about Kejiwa Alchemy and give one of their blends a try, use my code IAMWINTERCLARK for 11% off your first purchase 🤍