The Top 5 Ways to Realign Your Head and Heart 💜

December 30, 2022

When we live in a world filled with digital distractions it's easy to get caught up in the noise of energies that are trying to sell us something, tell us what to think, how to live, how to eat...

The list goes on.

What we actually need more of is to unplug and reconnect to our center. To let the heart speak its knowing and to let the higher self lead the way. Allowing integrity to come forward as natural authority. In the spiral of trying to keep up with thought leaders, influencers and gurus we miss the signs and signals the Universe is ever sending our way.

I invite you to take this moment and consider these 5 ways of getting back to who YOU are.

  1. Solfeggio Music

Tuning into solfeggio music such as 528hz (heart frequency), 852hz (third eye frequency) or 396hz (root chakra frequency). This kind of vibrational music is easy to find on Youtube and Spotify. Listening to it for at least 10 minutes will begin to shift your own vibration into a new state of being.

  1. Intuitive Movement

Turning on some chill house music or ambient / lo-fi beats and get curious about the ways in which your body wants to move. It could look like a stretch, a yoga pose or maybe overall shaking of the body! As you move, notice what emotions or thoughts come up (without judgment) and allow your body to inform you of what it needs.

  1. Cacao

This is one of my personal favorites especially as a morning drink because I no longer drink caffeine in the form of coffee or espresso (and when I do on rare occasions it's decaf!). This beautiful elixir can be as simple or refined as you like - I've had powdered keto cacao as well as ceremonial cacao - and I have to say that the ceremonial cacao has a different energetic feel to it. Cacao as a plant medicine has a fantastic quality of opening up the heart space so it can be super helpful to drink during meditation or journaling as it allows the heart and head to unite as one. If you're looking for a brand of ceremonial cacao to try, I highly recommend FlyKakao or Ora Cacao!

  1. Introducing new things

This is one of the funnest ways to get back to your inner child state AND invite the universe to come play with you. Trying anything new - a new hiking trail, a new way home, a new store, a new drink - activates the natural curiosity within and opens the door for synchronicities to flow through.

  1. Nature

I would be remiss if I didn't bring nature into the picture here. Whether it's cultivating a jungle in your home, taking a walk in the park, wandering off the path in a forest or taking in a river or stream, engaging with nature is one of the fastest ways to reset. Letting your aura and energetic fields expand in a place that is naturally itself is a wonderful way to realign with who you are and where your truth is in your body.

There you have it! I hope this list was helpful and if you have any questions for me about how to realign your head and heart, feel free to reach out! 🤗🤍