Creating Sacred Space: Boundaries with Loving Intention

November 15, 2022

Many of us are aware of the energy generated by people and activities that take place in a space.  You can think of it as the feeling or sensation you get in the pit of your stomach when you walk into a room or meet someone for the first time.  When we travel or when we’re working, we don’t always have control over the environment but we do have control over how our surroundings affect us, by creating personalized sacred space with boundaries.

Why create boundaries?

When we create sacred space, it’s essentially creating a wall of energy around us that filters the energy we come into contact with.  This is where the boundary comes in; by adjusting your filter, you can set the intention for your sacred space - what you will (or won’t) allow in!  You’ll notice a distinct difference before and after you set up your sacred space; if you’re empathic or sensitive to other people’s feelings, it will be easier for you to distinguish what is “yours” versus outside sensations coming in.

How do we begin creating personalized sacred space?

There are a variety of ways that we can create sacred space, ranging from visualization to using tools such as crystals.  I’ll share two ways using these methods so that you have options to choose from!  Some find using crystals as tools to be more convenient as it’s more of a “set it and forget it” kind of approach.  Plus they’re beautiful and fun to work with!  If you’re on a budget or prefer to experiment with using a visualization method, it’s just as effective but takes a bit more mindfulness.

Crystal Shielding

Crystal shielding can be done using Quartz, Selenite, Smoky Quartz, Hematite or Black Tourmaline.  If you don’t have any of these you can use any crystal you have on hand, keeping in mind the metaphysical qualities of the stone and how it can protect you in those ways.

Clear the crystal first by blowing on it, smudging it or placing it in the sunlight for 30 min to an hour.  There are other ways of clearing using water or by burying it in the earth but some crystals don’t like water (like Selenite) because they’ll dissolve.  If you clear a crystal by blowing on it, picture that you’re blowing old energy off of it while holding it in your hand. 

Next, cradle the crystal in between your hands and imagine energy flowing from your 8th chakra of white light above your head (around 18 inches over your head) down through your arms and hands into the crystal.  The 8th chakra is where our soul meets divine source, so this energy will help you program your crystal for your highest good!  In your mind ask the crystal to hold the space around you in protection, allowing in only divine love and light.

On the Spot Shielding Method

For this method we’re going to use visualization only and it takes a minute or less to do!  This is a bubble technique and it can literally be done anywhere, anytime you find yourself needing some extra protection or support.  I like to ground myself before doing any visualization-only methods to make sure I have a strong earth foundation to work from first.  You can do this by imagining a root or cord growing from your root chakra (or tailbone area) down towards the ground and into the earth’s core.  Once you feel a strong pull going up the center of your body, the anchor has been created and you can begin to create your bubble.

Close your eyes and breathe in deeply.  Feel the earth anchoring you.  Picture a white bubble around you.  You can make it as big or as small as you like.  Keep in mind the size of the bubble will determine how close or how far people will maintain their distance from you!

Next, fill the bubble with a color that you like as a cushion and for an extra layer of loving protection.  Your personalized sacred space is complete!  

If you find that you need more space (and fast!), you can create little spikes on the outside of the bubble.  The spikes will “poke” the person and let them know subconsciously that you’d like more room (this is a great trick for commuting on the train or subway when someone unpleasant sits next to you).  I’ve used the spike trick multiple times and always marvel at how well it works!

Filtering with Love

I’ve been using energetic shields since I was a teenager; creating one while falling asleep if I  felt an unfamiliar presence around me, to now when I make an energetic body shield every day when I meditate in the morning.  As someone who works with spirit regularly for healing, teaching and divining, I’ve become extremely sensitive to energy; so I find that it helps to buffer it when I’m not actively doing a session or a workshop.  I learned over time to focus the filter of the shields to love as opposed to defining the filter as being opposed to negative energy or negativity - it seems to attract that vibration more when you label it.  By stating that only the highest of energies and love be allowed in, you raise the vibration of the shield as well and lose any possibility of an adverse factor.

Play with your filters and boundaries to see what works best for you.  You can even double up using both Crystal Shielding and the On the Spot Method if you feel you need some extra strength energetic armor; this can be helpful in really emotionally draining or toxic environments in which you’re unable to get out of so easily (like a work situation).  The more you work with it, you’ll intuitively find a fit that is effective and takes little effort!